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Plastics: From the Recycle Bin to the Battlefield

As our CEO, Chris Allen is a former Marine, we found this story especially interesting. If the Pentagon gives the go-ahead, drinking bottled water could translate into helping defend the country. According to the Marine Corps Times, a Senate committee is asking the Pentagon to determine what recycled fabrics could fit into the military dress code as part of a government-wide eco-friendly initiative.

Ohio based Cintas says they can, in essence, replicate the same polyester found in current garb, including battle dress uniforms, made of a polyester blend. The company says the bottles are shredded into flakes and transformed into filament, before it is woven into fabric and turned into polyester.

 Cintas style consultant Sarah Levi hopes she'll soon have a new customer -- the U.S. military. "According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it takes 66 percent less energy to make recycled polyester compared to traditionally manufactured polyester," said Levi.