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PLASTICS: FROM RECYCLE BIN TO THE BATTLEFIELD – From Marine Corps Times...As our CEO Chris Allen is a former Marine, we found this story especially interesting. If the Pentagon gives the go-ahead, drinking bottled water could translate into helping defend the country. According to the Marine Corps Times, a Senate committee is asking the Pentagon to determine what recycled fabrics could fit into the military dress code as part of a government-wide eco-friendly initiative... 

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Manufacturer:  TEIJIN  Kasei  American Panlite® is used in parts for electrical and electronic appliances, business machines, precision machinery, medical appliances, safety equipment, housewares, etc. Possible applications for Panlite® are boundless — from smoke detectors to traffic lights, irons to coffee makers, switches to sunglasses, cell phones to laptops, etc. It is also being used to replace glass, metal and other materials in automotive applications — from door handles to headlamps.      View full data sheet

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